Prepare your business for RESCUE

Aug 8, 2020

We have been helping business owners through the time of the plague to evaluate the suitability of their businesses for business rescue. For many of them, the business rescue process is an expensive add-on which is not necessary.

There are simpler and hugely cheaper options available for the small business owner who has their life invested in something which is now in trouble. The decision tree is straight forward, but many of the preparations for different strategies are the same.

Key to any strategy is the orderly collection of accurate information. We have all the worksheets prepared for that work.

I think there is some merit in preparing a short course, to be delivered online by video, with accompanying course notes, decision trees, standard letters, and Excel spreadsheets. But that might just be me. What do you think?

We recently saved one company hundreds of thousands of Rands in unnecessary costs and saved the company. It will now be moth-balled into the new year, or even later. The total cost to the company was less than R30,000. The alternative was an expensive liquidation of 20 years of goodwill, and the outrage of creditors.

The process we followed is a sub-set of a collection of tools we have devised over 9 years on the periphery of business rescue and its professionals.

What if we put the tools of what we have been doing in the hands of business owners? I am thinking particularly of the owners of small and medium size businesses, for whom business rescue costs are just crazy.

And frankly, if you have taken your business this far in South Africa, you should be able to work through a clear course with guidelines and standard procedures without employing a consultant.

But it is all very well that I think such a course is a good idea. What do you think? And would you buy it?

The course would kick off with a description of what you can, and almost certainly should do within minutes of starting the first lesson. It is such a simple thing, and so incredibly cheap to do. And given all the fear, uncertainty, and doubt floating around social media, most have not considered it.

And doing that one thing could save you from getting a job for the rest of your life!

If we get enough interest, we’ll put the course together in an online format. It will involve some video recording, and the resulting editing. So I guess we’ll have it up and running by the first week of September.

And if you express interest here, and subsequently enroll, we will discount the fee by 75%. So this expression of interest is not even binding on you.

We are looking purely for interest in something we think is valuable to business owners in 2020, with all its associated drama and bad news.



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